Saturday, January 26, 2008

Keep Your Hands Off My Cash

Both Sykes and McIlheran are trash-talking Bill Gates for wanting to do something totally reprehensible, like helping people. More likely, in their greedy ways, they are more likely just upset that even wealthy people can see the need to help those less fortunate, which flies in the face of their "All for me, none for you" philosophy.

The honorable 3rd way, the Earl of Evenhandedness, has this to say:

Journal Communication's dastardly duo has once again joined forces. This time they are taking aim at one of our planet's do-gooders. McIlheran and Sykes both linked to a piece that misrepresents Bill Gates as turning his back on capitalism. In reality Gates is putting his money where his mouth is by trying to create capitalists at the grass roots level. Through something he is labeling creative capitalism Gates vows to bring resources, education and market access to some of the poorest people on the planet. In the minds of the far right this somehow equates a rejection of capitalism.

You can read the rest of his insightful post at folkbum's. (And do make sure to read the first comment. What a savvy reader that fellow is.)

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