Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let The Sliming Begin!

This is dated by a few days, but I've been busy dealing with defending freedom against the thugocracy.

Anywho, Mark Belling, in his GMToday column last week has a little bit complaining about how the state is trying to actually save money by avoiding a lot of court costs and moving some cases involving 17 year olds back to the jurisdiction of the juvenile code.

In his rampage, he comes up with this (emphasis mine):

It’s not surprising that the bill is sponsored by some Milwaukee County Democrats like Sen. Lena Taylor, as they are chronically soft on crime and sympathetic to their increasingly influential gang bosses. It’s more surprising the legislation is co-sponsored by suburban Democrats like Sen. Jim Sullivan of Wauwatosa and Rep. Tony Staskunas of West Allis.
Belling is implying that Senator Taylor is involved with and influenced by gangbangers and their leaders. This is simply another example of Belling's not-so-latent racism. Remember that this is the same guy who was suspended for calling Mexicans "wetbacks". Now he mentions an African-American woman who is running against his buddy Walker, and ties her directly to gangsters. He doesn't do this for the other three people he lists in his post, all of whom are white.

With people like Belling advocating for Walker, Senator Taylor's chances can only improve.

The Prince of Pundits, Mike Mathias was more timely with this story, and a commenter on his post makes a good point:

I thought it was Scott Walker who wanted to let everyone out of jail.

In fact I know it is Scott Walker who wants to let everyone out of jail.

Now what gang member isn't going to support that.

Sir Zachary the Blue also adds his valuable insight to the right's issue with people of color that isn't white.

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  1. He's accusing a sitting state senator and candidate for political office, who is black, with affiliation with criminal syndicates. The only operating street gangs within Taylor's district are black. So it's safe to say that Belling is arguing that blacks necessarily are beholden to black street gangs. How else should it be read?

    Now is he going to play the victim when people call him out on this racism?

    I'm a white man from Milwaukee (who supports Taylor's campaign, I should add) and I find Belling's speech consistently repugnant, be it about blacks or Latinos. I'm also a free speech advocate. However, I also believe his advertisers should know that they are propping up a program of hatred. That is my right to free speech and I plan on exercising it.

    This is not a minor slip-up. This is hate speech.