Wednesday, January 23, 2008

That Didn't Take Long

In my previous post, which I just did this morning, I wrote:

I do not think Sykes or Belling (or Limbaugh or any of those other national gasbags) are going to be locked out of this election. I do believe that even if the GOP nominee ends up being Huck-I'm-A-Believer or McCain, these squawkers will be doing their locksteps right along with this candidate. They will weasel out of their words and condemnations of that same person that they had been spewing all year long. This is because the talk squawkers are that two-faced and hypocritical. They follow opinions of the Republican base more than any politician could or would.

They might criticize the Republican more than usual, but they make up for this by being unusually hypercritical of the Democratic candidate, criticizing everything about that person, to the point that some people may call for actions by the parent companies due to the extreme hyperboles and prejudice that will be exhibited.

Sure enough, as fate would have it, I had several appointments this morning, and while driving between them, I thought I'd listen to Charlie and see if he would give me something to write on.

He did his usual daily routine about how terrible Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are, and trashing them for the better part of an hour apparently.

But what was really fascinating, was that in the last half hour of his show, he claimed to be still a supporter of Rudy Giuliani, but that he didn't expect him to win. He stated that he thought if he couldn't vote for Mr. 9/11, then he could vote for McCain. After spending several weeks trashing McCain, Sykes starts in on how McCain was the conservative's conservative on many issues, like the war.

You know, Charlie, it is pretty sad, when you're so hypocritical that it becomes predictable.


  1. Hang on to your socks! One step at a time they will move toward the annointed one. By the time they get to the night before the election, he will be walking on water to get the Holy Grail from Phi Bet Kappa George. And the drinkers of the kool aid will go into a trance and forget they ever trashed them both.

  2. Actually, Sykes has never been that hard on Mccain. In fact, his fellow neocons have complained that he's downright squishy. Not to defend him here, but we should at least be accurate.

  3. Sorry to mess with your premise, but Sykes has always been kinda nice to McCain. Maybe because he's even more bloodthirsty than the neocons. We should at least get our hosts straight. Do you actually ever really listen? Or just assume you know what they say?

  4. To be honest, I don't listen to Sykes all day, every day. I only catch bits and pieces when my work schedule has me on the road.

    Sykes may not have been has harsh on McCain as he has been on Huckabee or Romney, but he hasn't always been very kind. Sykes really gets his undies in a bundle about McCain regarding things like illegal immigration, taxes, etc. He only shows the true man love for his boy Rudy.

  5. Those of you that listen to the Bark Melling show may get a kick out of this. You have likely heard Bark on occasions say You can’t make this stuff up.

    Well here is the synopsis of the first two hours of Bark’s show today.

    Don’t you just love it, now Barack Obama and the other Democrats are learning what we knew all along. The Clinton’s will do anything including attacking their own party members to win.

    That was followed up with an hour of ragging on John McCain and his last 30 years in the Republican party. Bark went to great lengths to explain why John McCain was a much more horrendous choice for the Republican presidential nominee than Bob Dole was. He went on to state that he would do whatever he could to prevent McCain from getting the nomination. So as Capper wondered, what will Bark do if McCain gets the nomination? Support the Democratic nominee? Sit this one out? Hold his nose and vote for McCain? And more interestingly, if McCain became president, what will Bark and the other squawkers say over the next 4 years?

  6. Bark Melling-

    I had the (mis)fortune of catching that too. Even though I find Belling to be so abrasive and ignorant, I suffer gladly for my people, so that they won't have to go through that torture.

    It will be indeed interesting to see what he will do if McCain indeed does get the nomination.

  7. They are coming through the back door.

    This is from the lady that basically told DA Schimel to stay out of the Jensen case.

    Enough with the Mike Huckabee bashing. I know it's a bit late to speak out about this now; he's probably done after Florida. But I've been growing sick of the anti-Huckabee vitriol coming from some conservative talk show hosts and bloggers nationally and locally.

    So if it’s late why bring it up Jessica?

    None of the candidates is "perfect" on the issues. It seems many conservative talk radio hosts have decided that candidates who "fail" the social conservative litmus test - Rudy Giuliani comes to mind - are OK, but people are "fools" to vote for the candidates who "fail" the economic and immigration litmus tests (like Huckabee). I don't mean all hosts, either. I mean some of them.

    Is Mrs. McBride turning on her mentors? What radio talk hosts is she castigating? Her mentor Sykes, her idol Belling, Rush? Wonder if she got a new talking point writer?

    Every voter has to prioritize the issues in this election. Some social conservatives care mostly about abortion, gay marriage, religious values, and the like. They have a right to do so without condemnation.

    This really is off her blog, I’m not making it up!

    Ah too good to be true. Look out Mitt, you are the exception. She doesn’t trust you. I won’t speculate why. Just ask her directly like she always says with her talk show career crash.

    Now the niceJessica is back. However, enough with the Huckabee bashing. And, for that matter, can we lay off the John McCain bashing too? It's not the criticism per se. He deserves it, too, on a lot of issues. It's just the tone of it.

    Maybe it’s the good cop bad cop routine. All the right wingers that still have talk shows continue to Bas McCain and Jessica will play the good cop role. At least later they can point to her posts and say the Republicans backed McCain all along?

    Thanks for clarifying the platform for us Jessica.