Monday, January 21, 2008

The McIlheran Fan Club Gains Another Member

From Sunday's MSJ's Sunday Symposium:

Sunday Symposium: School choiceFrom Journal Sentinel readers

Posted: Jan. 19, 2008

School choice is motivated by money

Columnist Patrick McIlheran exposed flaws in the school choice movement as he attempted to rationalize its existence ("The war on choice malignly smolders," Jan. 16). As he spoke of the supposed cost savings, he unintentionally revealed the true motivation behind school choice - money.

To suggest that less money, poorly paid teachers with minimal education and training (high school diplomas or equivalent), and virtually no outside accountability somehow delivers an education equal to that of the best private schools is cynical and smacks of racism.

The people who have bankrolled the school choice movement often economically and socially segregate themselves from our needy children, refuse to place high-paying jobs in central city neighborhoods and fight to keep the poor and people of color from suburban communities and jobs by killing all public transportation initiatives.

To suggest that, when it comes to educating poor kids, they've had a change of heart requires a leap of faith and logic. It doesn't add up.

The problems with school choice are extreme and documented. The debate, as framed by those who control the money and the media, is dishonest.

School choice is a false promise that is not about kids. It's about the money.

Craig Siemsen

Of course, this was already covered by the wise Jay Bullock at folkbum's (a really good site, with some excellent writers).

And for the record, my name isn't Craig Siemsen.

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