Sunday, January 13, 2008

And Yet Another Fan

McIlheran put up a quick post yesterday, announcing he would be on Sykes' show. Apparently someone else also caught the show, and commented on McIlheran's performance:


So,what will your job be? To parrot everything Charlie says? To get him coffee from the Green Room?

Why is is every political hack thinks their career is validated by appearing on television?

Tomorrows show: "Nod Yes To Anything Charlie Says" and get invited back next week.

"Squawk, you're right again, Mr. Sykes. Squawk".

And for the record, mdh are not my intitials.

1 comment:

  1. Hearing the show, I think McIlheran could fill the "voice that's as pleasant as a copper wire applied to the anus" void left when McBride made funny with the dead black girl. Good times, good times. These people get off on provoking folks, so maybe McIlheran could go on Cassandra Cassandra's show and give his recipe for fixing Milwaukee's inner-city through choice schools and posting the Ten Commandments on city bus stops.