Monday, January 28, 2008

Blogging Etiquette Tips For McIlheran

Seeing as how Sir Shorewood hath stolen one of my posts for this evening, I wouldst like to point out to McIlheran some basic etiquette tips in the fine art of blogging.

As my illustrious knight hath pointed out, Sykes linked to an article out of an English paper, describing the alleged perils of nationalized health care. One can tell that Sykes did this early in the morning, as that his first lemming commented at 8:42 a.m.

We can also see that McIlheran posted on the same subject at 11:31 a.m. He goes on with what I am sure he considers witty banter about the same exact article. At the end of his post, McIlheran adds, seemingly like an afterthought, that another blogger, one he considers enlightening for rubbish like this, "notes this story, too."

This other blogger, the charm school dropout, wrote his post sometime after Sykes, but before McIlhran's, judging by the timing of his first commenter's entry.

While it may be possible that McIlheran had somehow found this article, from an English paper, on his own and posted it before realizing it. It is much more likely however, that McIlheran simply noted either Sykes' post or this other person's post, and wrote his own spin.

Proper protocol would indicate that McIlheran should have acknowledged his source. If he noticed it first on Sykes' site, Sykes should have been give the accreditation. If he saw it on the other site first, he would have noticed the prominent "H/T Sykes" that this person used, at the top of his post. Thus it would have been more appropriate to say something to the effect of "Charlie found this article" or "On Sykes' post..." with a tip of the hat to the other blogger.

I guess that, just like with thieves, there is no honor among right wing bloggers.


  1. I think you might like this.

  2. As these posts on that site indicate, every country does contain a certain number of bumpkins. One poster actually said she would be willing to pay for her health care herself rather than paying the tax for it. Didn't know John Torinus had a sister in the UK.

    If I remember it from Sicko, the UK health care system encourages doctors there to encourage life style changes as part of the doctors' incentive program.

  3. There seems to be this odd mystery of "if I'm more widely known than you are, I don't need to tip my hat." That being said, I stumble occasionally upon content that's just like something I've already posted. It is simply coincidence and the same article or subject catches the interest of a couple of people at the same time.

    I'm fumbling through blog etiquette for our region and was going to make a post soon. Is there somewhere you can point that has already made a good list?

  4. Kay, your link is not working.