Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sigh. It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Everyone knows that minorities, women, the poor, and the elderly tend to vote Democratic. It is also easily deduced that they would be more likely to do so after eight years of the Bush Misadministration. Add to this that the most likely Democratic candidate for president will be either an African-American man or a woman (and a Clinton, nonetheless) and that Scott Walker is facing a serious challenge from an African-American woman, and you know what the right side is going to be squawking about.

Yup. They will be screaming for the need for voter ID. Even though it would repress many times the people from voting, than it would prevent real voter fraud, they will still be yammering away about it. This way they will have a handy excuse when they lose in April and in November.

McIlheran has started the ball rolling. It is only a matter of time before the others join in.

To brace yourself, I won't go into a spiel about how wrong they are about the whole thing. I will, however, refer you to the works of two gentlemen and scholars that have researched it and squelched their hateful attacks already. Those stalwart men are my friends, Brew City Brawler and Jay Bullock.


  1. The Sentinel has been the cat's paw of the Republican Party in pimping the line that "voter fraud" threatens the integrity of elections in Milwaukee (no matter that few of the writers or editors even live there). Open voting has never led to any widespread corruption and was one of the blessed gifts of the progressive movement.

    The execrable Greg Borowski led the charge with the rest of the grisly gang of mediocrities at the paper, whose sole existence owes itself to Brett Favre's arm, to advance the notion dutifully in the last presidential election that there was some sort of conspiracy. It was as if the state GOP was leasing the front page of the rag. The reporting, of course, turned out to be total horsecrap, a mess of botched statistics and assumptions saddled to faulty logic, with coverage out-of-proportion to the outrage. But it WAS a neat trick: The paper got tips from the GOP about the "fraud" and dutifully wrote the stories, which caused the GOP to whine to the U.S. Attorney, which caused more stories to be written about the "investigation," which of coursed turned up a statistical zero. A perpetual motion machine of voter suppression. Forget how blatantly what happened was a violation of the spirit, intent and letter of the Voting Rights Act.

    What was really going on? Oh, you don't have to be Father Groppi to figure it out. The headlines might as well have said, "NEGROES VOTED! NEGROES VOTED! AIEEE!!! NEGROES VOTED!"

    I'm sure the racist bastards at the Sentinel will be up to the same thing this time around, especially if Obama gets the nomination. Seriously, can't these suburbanites just train their attentions on the parks of Ozaukee County or prostate cancer prevention or how to improve their backswing? Seems much more relevant to their lives.