Saturday, January 26, 2008

Today's Update On L'Affaire de Fischer

More bloggers have picked up on Fischer's behaviors:

Sir Zachary the Blue Knight offers us his view.

Lady Kilkenny offers us a bit more of the background of the story.

James Rowen has some advice: A blogger should know when to stop typing.

Meanwhile, there is a hearty debate happening in the comments thread at Sir Gregory the Green's post, linking to all of ours. It appears some of the local commenters don't like the attention being paid to them now. (Can you really believe they aren't aware of the Cheddarsphere? Or even of Whallah!?)

Surprisingly, not one, nope, not a single one of the right wing bloggers that were so upset about Illusory Tenant's comment has come forth to condemn Fischer for his blatant attacks. I guess they don't believe in what they preach.

UPDATE: Fred Dooley, the man who dubbed me King, has posted on it. He is fine with Fischer's boorish behaviors and even condones it, even though he cried out to the left when a young right wing blogger was persecuted from a politician in her hometown. Sniff, sniff. Smell the hypocrisy.


  1. No one talked about it on Badger Blogger when Fred Keller called for reinforcements...


    8Fred Keller Says:

    Hey, Kevin Fischer is getting slimed by the Left-wing ********! He could probably use some support.

    Fred Keller

    January 25th, 2008 at 2:52 pm

  2. What? A troll leaves a comment in an open comment thread that doesn't condemn, but condones, hate speech.

    It hasn't stirred up a lot of sympathy either.

    But where are the complaints against one of their own?


  4. Sherlock,

    Email me and tell me what you are trying to say directly, please.