Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Catching Up On Fischer

McIlheran, a pretend blogger who pretends to be a journalist, wrote what I'm sure he thought was a pithy piece on l'Affaire de Fischer. What he did accomplish is the verification that he doesn't have a clue to what's going on. He also raises the question of whether he can define the words civility, integrity, or intellectual honesty.

Meanwhile, Mike Mathias, a real blogger, who displays true journalistic qualities, has a post that verifies that Fischer does contribute to Senator Mary Lazich's blog at FranklinNow. He also raises some interesting questions:

Lazich and Fischer are both Franklin residents, but at what point do their posts become merely an extension of Lazich’s political operation?

Fischer’s explanation would seem to indicate that it already is.

There are also other problems with this arrangement. What if Lazich got caught up in a scandal and was facing an investigation? Would she (or Fischer) be allowed to write a defense at the Franklin Now site? And what if that defense conflicted with facts reported elsewhere at Journal Communications properties?

Here’s another problem. Advertising appears at both Lazich’s and Fischer’s blog sites. Should readers doubt whether Lazich could be fairly covered by the Journal Sentinel if their content is producing revenue for the company?

UPDATE: Mike Mathias strikes again, making McIlheran's post seem even more pathetic. Mike has an update regarding his contact with FranklinNow editor, Mark Maley.

And never fear, faithful readers. Your good King is working on his own story regarding this whole sordid affair.

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  1. State Senator Mary Lazich is a resident of New Berlin, but has a blog on all the NOW blogs in her Senate District: Greendale, Franklin, Muskego, Hales Corners, and New Berlin.