Monday, January 21, 2008

L'Idee fixe

Did you ever notice how some people can become to be so fixated on something that they seem to be fixated? From Charlie's first post of the day, and his entire post (emphasis mine):

After a particularly traumatic Packer loss in the '90s, the paper ran some psychological advice for traumatized fans. The only one I remember was "avoid angry sex." Words to live by.

I wonder what Freud would have said about this one.

And this was preceded with a video of Bud Selig, trying to wax humorous about beating his wife.

Dr. Freud. Paging Dr. Freud.


  1. Ho Hum what’s new? Belling doesn’t like the fact that the potential tax rebate would be wasted on the poor.

    Forget the fact that the poor are the most likely to spend the entire $800 thereby accomplishing the purpose of the tax rebate in the first place. Belling can’t comprehend how people that don’t pay taxes or pay onlu minimal taxes can get a tax “rebate”.

    Welcome to Wallah, the wonderful world of McBride where linguistic abilities are irrelevant.

    So with a wave of the wand, we will change the tax rebate to a tax Free-bate. Even those that didn’t pay taxes can get $800 free and they can use it for, food, school, clothes, heat, medical care and whatever other frivolous expenditures they like, Take that Mark. Hopefully, you will get a Free-bate as well which you can use for horse feed, football wagers or use for a down payment on a Krugerrand. We won’t even pass judgment on your choice.

  2. Sykes - McBride = fixated & monomaniacal. Thank goodness Wallah has expanded the focus to include all right wing untruths rather than just McBride's

    Ahab is the tyrannical captain of the Pequod who is driven by a monomaniacal desire to kill Moby Dick, the whale that maimed him on his last whaling voyage. A Quaker, he seeks revenge in direct opposition to his religion's well-known pacifism.

    monomaniacal - obsessed with a single subject or idea