Monday, January 21, 2008

Whallahing Around The Blogosphere

First, let's start out with Steve Jagler, the executive editor of the Small Business Times, takes umbrage with some of Bellowing's bellowings:

In classic Belling form, he read the blog and then directed his anger at me. He repeatedly referred to "This Steve Jagler …" It was almost surreal, hearing myself referred to in third person, as if I was some sort of mystic.

My staff encouraged me to call in to defend myself on Belling's show, but I knew that would have been a pointless venture. So, I think I'll respond here, because he can't shout over me, and he can't hang up on me.

For the moment, I'm going to let Belling's personal attacks against me slide off my back. I have never even met the man. But I have thick skin, and I'll just consider the source. After all, moments after he ripped me, he criticized Microsoft founder Bill Gates. I'll gladly accept that company.

Second on our tour is the Pundit Nation, where Mike Mathias outlines Mr. Jagler's post and adds his own insight to when he realized Bellowing to be more than just a nuisance:

For me, Belling’s program crossed the line from being just a forum for a loudmouth with a microphone and some annoying views into a pervasive and a negative influence around 2000. That was during the last census, and Belling told a joke that advised his listeners to check “black” on their forms to get a “bigger check.”

Did he really mean it as a joke? Who knows, but the “wet-back” controversy came not long after that, and Belling’s comments on crime in Milwaukee consists of mostly racist innuendos. I’m not sure what Belling thinks his program is, but it’s not a meaningful contribution to our political or civic discourse.

And we end our little tour at folkbums, where KR gives a job performance evaluation to Sykes and Bellowing. The job: Being supporting members of the community. Their performance level:
Less than stellar:

In business, a sense of proportion is important and here you display extreme deficiency. Instances where you have wildly overstated the issues include alleging wide-spread voter fraud, the need for conceal and carry, Wisconsin as a tax hell and internationally advocating the invasion of Iraq and in so wasting valuable resources for no apparent reason. Your perception of situations is clouded by a wall of preconceived notions higher than the Hoover Dam.

In short, gentlemen you have failed to provide value to the organization.

On the positive side, you exhibit good personal grooming habits.

Though our policy precludes dismissal, a copy of this review will be in your file.

We hope this evaluation leads to some improvements in your

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  1. KR 's piece is very clever.
    Steve Jagler needs to get some balls.