Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is It Time For An Intervention?

I am starting to worry about some of my friends. Both Mike Mathias and Jay Bullock will be on WUWM (89.7). They apparently will be taking part in the Lake Effect program with Jane Hampden. They will be talking about blogging.

Let's start with Mike. He is a blogger, and will now be part of talk radio. And he is posting that he will be a blogger on the radio. This reminds me of someone.

Jay is of even greater concern. He is also a blogger. He wil also be doing talk radio. And he is posting about being on the radio. But what is really frightening is that he appeared, as a pundit, with Owen Robinson, on TMJ4, during the 2006 elections.

That is really reminding me of someone we all know, but don't love!

I am concerned that these two fine gentlemen are coming down with Sykes Derangement Disorder, in which they think they are like Charlie. The next thing you know, they'll be buying hairspray by the case. Well, OK, maybe not Jay. :)

I do believe that I will have to set up an intervention for these two. Now where is that Tim Rock when I need him?

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