Friday, January 25, 2008

Deceived By The Deceiving Deceived

McBride, oh how we missed her, is at it again, but in her true form. Here is her entire post:

Saddam, not Bush. Bush was deceived, not the deceiver.
To bad for McBride that reality is not on her side. It was Bush that had the intelligence reports that said that there were no WMDs, not Hussein. It was Bush who said that they knew exactly where the WMDs were even thought he couldn't find them, because they didn't exist. not Hussein.

In fact it wasn't Hussein, but Bush and his posse, that lied 935 times to get us into the war that shouldn't have been.

But why let facts get in the way? That would only cramp her style.


  1. It's a family affair, it's a family affair

    It's a family affair, it's a family affair

    One child grows up to be
    Somebody that just loves to learn

    And another child grows up to be
    Somebody you'd just love to burn

    Mom loves the both of them
    You see it's in the blood

    Both kids are good to Mom

    'Blood's thicker than mud'
    It's a family affair, it's a family affair

    Newlywed a year ago
    But you're still checking each other out

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    It's a family affair
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  2. On December 2, Mcbride said

    P.S. I may have news to announce soon relating to something else. I'm not sure how it would affect this, so stay tuned! They aren't likely to be mutually exclusive anyway

    Do anyone ever hear the big announcement?

  3. I believe her announcement was supposed to address Paul's future plans.

  4. a supposed confidant of mcbride said off the record she has been worried about some issues involving her husband. she wouldn't go into any more detail. true or false i have no idea. just telling what i heard at the hairdresser. i hear you laughing already. but it's a time honored source. sort of like a bartender for the guys.

  5. They're discussing menus over at media tatters. Today's menu blood soup, republicans au rotten, crow and humble pie.

    Actually they're just eating their own. Sounds really pro life and fundamental christian like to me.

  6. “Pouring this much personal cash, including home mortgages, into a primary at the last minute is a clear sign of desperation. Mr. Van Hollen must not like what he’s seeing in the polls. It’s unfortunate that he’s decided to try to buy this race with $700,000 of his own money rather than win it on the issues. The public is looking for a reformer in the
    Attorney General’s office who will clean house, and restore integrity to the political process, which has been corrupted by money.

    Ahhh the integrity word again.

  7. Jessica the moderate?

    Her Freeman column this week focuses on Doyle rather than attacking another republican. She tries to give credit where credit is due, but her repeated comments whenever she says something not too snotty compliments Doyle for embracing republican ideas. Who's the Governor and who's the loyal opposition.

    Don't think that will get her an invite to the Governor's Ball.