Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey, check out these pro-life hotties!

Patrick McIlheran: Pant, pant...Charlie Sykes: Hubba! Hubba!

The next time McIlheran and Sykes are wondering why they might be regarded as shallow and sexist they can recall that they chose to mark the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade by linking to and posting pictures of female pro-life demonstrators, not because of their views on the issue, but because they thought they were good-looking.

Really, is there a better demonstration of their opinions about women?

Remember that what McIlheran and Sykes want is to implement their own judgments and conclusions about abortion as government policy, as law, for everyone. What women want for themselves, for their families, just isn’t important. McIlheran and Sykes are smarter, more ethical, and they know what’s best. For everyone.

Pretty low.

Even for those two.

One Wisconsin Now has information about an attempt to roll back Wisconsin’s extremist and shameful abortion laws that are still on the books despite the fact they are moot.

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  1. Not to mention how many grumpy old men do you know that are nuns? They are fighting strawmen with strawwomen.

  2. Um, where exactly do they say they are hotties. I agree with you guys, but what exactly is your point here?

  3. Mike, this post is almost as pointless as your rip on Donal Driver.

  4. Who is the sexist here? Does wallah do any real substantive criticism, or it is all this sort of ankle-biting drivel? I ask because I'm a liberal who stumbvled on site and was hoping for some actually useful ammunition. You guys as juvenile as the guys you rip. pathetic.

  5. Wow, three comments in thee minutes. Gee, could it be the same person? Doh!

    But to answer the simplistic question for the simple minded:

    McI:Hint: What's the opposite of old grumpy men?

    Sykes:Sean (who is now a free agent) calls them "pro life babes."

    What's so hard to understand?

  6. God, there is something seriously creepy about both these men. What is wrong with them? If I ever saw my daughter's picture featured in such a sexist story...I'd be raising bloody hell with their bosses. I guess they feel they are not accountable to anyone and can do anything they want regardless who they offend. I really wonder if they bothered to get permission from these young women to use their pictures in such a disrespectful manner.

  7. I have been told by conservative bloggers that I am no conservative (as if they know me). All I can say is if these two creepy men are the face of the conservatism and if this is how conservatives behave, then I say thank God I am not conservative! Oh yuck...I have to go hurl.

  8. Fair Play-

    To be honest, there are many conservative bloggers that feel that if you are not in lockstep with them, then you are the enemy. Just like Bush's "Either you're with us, or you're against us," bullroar.

    It is indicative of a small mind, that they cannot handle challenge.

  9. From the look of this post Charlie is busy opening his local Bill Orally franchise.

  10. I was watching something on TV today and the topic was about race and gender because of Obama and Hillary. I wish I could remember the details but I was busy and wasn't paying close attention, but, anyways, a black female politician said race was never an obstacle for her, but, instead, it was the sexism she had to deal with that made it difficult for her to do her job. Then, we get this crap from people who should know better.

    Just for the record...I am completely prolife. When I was younger (early 20's) I attended a prolife rally that was held at Memorial Hall (I think) in Racine. I had to leave that rally because they were so extreme...and I can't get into that kind of extreme behavior...but there was a picture of this rally in the RJT and it was of me standing alone on the steps of Memorial Hall. Just a little Fair Play trivia...LOL!

    Oh, by the way, there were no sexist captions under my picture.

  11. Those two like girls? Especially with McIlheran, I thought the gay-bashing was just the beard. And this thing linking to good-lookin' clinic bombers just seems a way to butch up their GOP street cred.