Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brawler Beat Me To It...

...and, as usual, did it better. So, I will cheat and just copy and paste, as usual.

Is Journal Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran a bad Catholic?

What do we owe people who lose their jobs to globalization?

Quoth Patrick McIlheran: Nothing!

Pope John Paul II had a different point of view:

''Unemployment that is not the fault of the unemployed becomes a social
scandal when available work is not distributed fairly and the profit of the work
is not used to create new work for as many possible.''

What a communist!

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  1. McIlheran is apparently fine denying people the Sacrament (those politicians who don't agree with what he believes women should do with their vaginas) so why should he not be denied Communion for his blindness to worker's justice and his worship of war? (He shouldn't, but that just speaks to the craziness of his false piety and what hell it calls down.)