Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh, Well. It Was A Nice Thought While It Lasted

Last week, MSJ columnist Tim Cuprisin wrote a couple of blog posts regarding Michael Medved's declaration that talk radio was on its death bed due to it no longer knowing what was going on, what it was talking about, or what was going to happen. Cuprisin did add:

I think Medved's over the top when he suggests that this "may may help destroy" talk radio

Mike Mathias also commented and Whallah! followed up with our prediction that the declaration of the death was premature at best.

Today, Cuprisin confirms our worst fears that the pre-mortem was premature with his column in the morning paper:

He was a bit over the top when he predicted that talk radio's "jihad against Mac and Huck . . . may help destroy talk radio."

No, talk will hang on. And as this one plays out over the next few weeks, maybe months, it will offer some pretty entertaining radio.

And the real aim of talk radio, from the radio business' point of view, is entertainment, pure and simple.

Ah, well, we can dream, can't we? I just don't understand how someone could consider spewing ignorant, hateful vitriol as entertainment. Maybe this explains professional wrestling.


  1. I heard the new girl in town on 1130 this morning. She decided rather than assume her listeners want to hear her trash McCain and Huckabee, she asked them. I only heard 5 or 6 callers. All but one said, sort of, they wanted to hear the truth (a/k/a trashing). The only one that tried to disagree got a lecture from her. So keep pounding on your own I guess can't hurt O'Bama or Clinton.

    I listened to the Jessica McBride interview for the first time today. I think someone on this blog said she sounded nervous.

    I agree. But it seemed to worsen when the inevitable questions came up about Eugene Kane and Jasmine Owens.

    My take was her fear stems from the fact that one liberal blogger, blogging in the wild and dressed in camel hair and eating only honey and locusts, OK a little exageration there, cost her her radio station job according to her.

    Probably tepidly waiting for the ax to fall on her posh university job leaving her only with her blog to provide her daily sustenance.

  2. More like cloaked in dressbarn sweaters, eating Godiva chocolates and watching "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" reruns.

  3. Well, she lied about that. That gentleman had nothing to do with her removal. It just couldn't have been her responsibility, now could it have?

  4. No sir! She doesn't know why, you have to ask them. Them would be the Journal Sentinel Company. Can you imagine being fired by a company that kept Sykes?

  5. God, what is it about the Wallah blog that attracts all these anonymous handles. Even cast members in a porno film have names (so I've been told).

    Make up a name. Be creative!

    Sorry, a little cranky today.

  6. I heard the Vicki show also. Seems they are sticking together to crush McCain. So what will they do if gets the nod?

    I went to listen to McBride after reading the comments here. She does blame Rowen.

    I have a little different take on her nervous laugh (tittering).

    Imagine in your mind (if you can). You are a 31 year old rising star journalist dating a successful man that just finished a stellar prosecution aired on Court TV.

    You are planning your wedding. Visions of Madison dance in your head. First stop the Attorney General's Office.

    Next who knows, maybe 99 Cambridge Road in Maple Bluff on the eastern shore of Lake Mendota where the sunsets in the evening are breathtaking.

    And then POOF !

    Well you can finish the story any way you choose.