Friday, February 8, 2008

Death of Liberal Press? Not Quite

McIlheran writes a post regarding the changes of the Capital Times. He starts out being decent enough, lamenting the loss of another paper and ink paper. But he quickly reverts to his normal attitude with his last paragraph:
Which says something about afternoon newspapers, or ink on paper, or, who knows, the appeal of "progressive" publications.

Perhaps McIlheran is too busy to drive around on all the snow-clogged roads to have noticed that the Shepherd Express has just celebrated its 25th anniversary as Milwaukee's leading liberal publication. Or maybe he's just being willfully ignorant again.


  1. Unfortunately, The Shepherd is not a good example.

  2. Either liberals control the media or not. Get your talking points straight, toad.

  3. The Shepherd Express is not an "alternative" weekly nor "liberal"--it's a dictatorship published by a hypocrite.