Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Patrick McIlheran: White On

McIlheran again tries to deny the obvious factor of latent racism playing at least part of the reason for white people moving out to the exburbs, or having some sort of advantage over the minorities. (SIDENOTE: He even rips on a Catholic priest who points out this advantage in a letter sent out to raise funds for a charity. Why is he so pro-Catholic when he doesn't like anything about them?)

The Brawler, who seems to have forgotten he has posting priveleges here, takes McIlheran's arguments out with a one-two punch of facts, including some of MSJ's own reporting.


  1. I am a 4th Generation Pewaukeean, so therefore I am racist.

    I will say it again I AM RACIST!

    Living in the 'burbs makes a racist.

    I smell BULLSHIT!

    What an idiotic conclusion.

  2. If you're fourth generation, I doubt that would make you part of the "white flight" phenomenom.

    The BS is probably from your own anger.

  3. Thank you for that stupid comment. You obviously didn't read the piece by the Brawler, or are unable to.

  4. It's said that McIlheran grew up in comfort in a cow town in Racine County. He therefore has no history of living around people of other races, going to school with them or having them as friends. He is not a Milwaukeean and did not live through the racial unrest that gripped our city in the 1960s and 1970s. Remember the marches? Remember the Breier brigades? Remember the race fights at south Division and at Boys Tech? No? Of course he wouldn't. He was playing with farm animals when that was going on.

    His fraudulence and lack of knowledge about Milwaukee are entirely on display here, giving rise again to the question of why a poor writer with such contempt for the city, who couples this petulance with a lack of a basic understanding of Milwaukee, is given a column in the city's biggest newspaper. This is not to mention the racist subtext in virtually every sniveling thing he writes. But I guess I've answered my own question: The paper is populated by suburban white men whose peer group is other suburban white men. Why do you suppose there are so many stories about prostate health? (A perfect segue into any discussion of McIlheran, by the way.)