Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Helping TMJ Out

A group of concerned citizens, always trying to improve Milwaukee and its radio stations have sent the following email to Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner (obviously they cc'ed Whallah! as well):

With big storm coming, perhaps as a public service you could have Sykes and Wagner get out the list of which schools should close and which ones should stay open. Recent storms indicate that those school administrators just don't it. Some close when Sykes/Wagner think they should have stayed open and vica versa, especially MPS. In fact, listening to Sykes MPS can't get anything right.

Also, you want to have Wagner call the airport to make sure they get the right personnel in on time to clear those runways. Past history shows they have a problem with that, according to Jeff.

Keep uniting Milwaukee.

Concerned Citizen for Uniting

Something tells me that they won't be taking this advice. They do tend to get rather defensive about this sort of thing.

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