Monday, February 11, 2008

When Will Clarke Show Some Leadership?

Sykes' misnamed "Hot Read" for Monday was an email from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. In his email, Clarke goes on about the rash of shootings over the past weekend, and of course, blames all the local leaders but himself.

Of course, this is the same David Clarke that pulled deputies from patrolling the parks, eliminated the drug unit, stopped supporting DARE, among other things.

But, in a matter of poor timing for Sykes and Clarke, this morning a deputy writes an open letter at Watchdog Milwaukee asking for Clarke to show some leadership for a change. And as usual, the wise Michael Mathias is way, way ahead of the game with a post from last June, giving some helpful advice to Clarke.

But to be fair, Sykes did also post a letter from Common Council Prsident Willie Hines, who Clarke attacked in his email.


  1. "When Will Clarke Show Some Leadership?"

    Is that a rhetorical question?

  2. As usual Charlie offers up what they call in the UK "catch-phrase situational comedy.