Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Not That Hard To Figure Out

McIlheran is still struggling with the latest revelations in the case regarding Franklyn Becker who molested several children several years ago. He questions Archbishop Dolan's wisdom in continuing to release information about the case. For the record, I commend Dolan for finally coming out with the truth, even though he should have done this more openly years ago, and not when he was more or less forced to do so.

But the striking line from McIlheran's post is this:
The Legislature may well open up a whole new avenue to sue the archdiocese over cases from the 1960s and wrongdoing by bishops long since dead or turfed into retirement. In which case Catholics will see their archdiocese's checkbook pretty much handed over to the plaintiffs' attorneys.

Yes, Patrick, the offenders might be dead or defrocked, but the victims still survive, and they are still dealing with the affects of the abuse they received. And aren't the victims what justice is for?


  1. In Waukesha County, WI, Father David Hanser allegedly molested boys for 20 years, but no charges can be filed because the state's statute of limitations has expired. A recently completed sheriff's investigation into complaints about Hanser turned up evidence that Hanser molested as many boys in the1960s, '70s and '80s. District Attorney Paul Bucher said the cases are all too old to prosecute. "I can't turn back the hands of time," Bucher wrote in a letter to sheriff's detectives, saying that he "sadly" could not prosecute.

  2. If the tables were turned and a public school enabled and covered up a predatory teachers molestations I am sure McIlheran would be not be in favor of awarding damages to the victims.