Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Slow Slide Into Irrelevancy

As was predicted by yours truly, Charlie has now completed the complete slide into irrelevancy, by showing that he has now lowered himself to support McCain.

Grumps has taken the painstaking act upon himself to document the slow but steady decline of Sykes, going from rabid McCain-hater to McCain endorser. Grumps starts his post with this:
The Horror, The Horror! Charlie spends a pretty good portion of his airtime decrying the tendency of media types to show (ladies avert your eyes)... bias. People who cash checks from newspaper companies aren't supposed to show any favoritism to any one candidate.

Charlie has used that fierce independence of his to spend most of his time since New Hampshire criticizing the Liberal elements of the GOP for abandoning the idealistic Conservatives to whom it owes so much. Not for Charlie is the coexistish, mealy-mouthed, bipartisan, campaign finance-reforming John McCain. Charlie has shown us time and time again that McCain not only doesn't deserve the support of Conservatives but that he is unelectable, a used husk of a candidate unworthy of a 420nd glance.

and then goes to show, post by post, Charlie's slow devolution, along with pithy observations of the descent.

But he wasn't the only one to pick of on Sykes' metamorphises. James T. Harris would be pulling his hair out if he had any, and bewails how Charlie has gone to the "dark side" of the Republican party. (Actually, wouldn't it be the less dark side?)

You can see the damning proof here.

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