Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sykes Changes Sides

But, but, but I thought Sykes was a Giuliani Thompson Romney McCain backer...


  1. Another slow day at Wallah?

  2. It's spelled Whallah!

    It's right on top of the comments section, in case you have short term memory loss, and can't remember from the main page.

    And what's so wrong with having some fun?

  3. Gee, Anony, your address is in Mequon. Now, who else lives in Mequon that could take offense at us poking fun at Sykes? Mmmmm, I wonder.

    Surely, it couldn't be Charlie now, could it? He wouldn't be afraid to put his name to a comment, even without TMJ backing him up, would he?

  4. I'll bet that Wallah is spelled without the first "h" in the TMJ Stylebook. That's why he can't get it right.