Friday, February 15, 2008


The CDC should be issuing some kind of warning. There apparently is an epidemic among the conservatives. Call it Obamaphobia-an irrational fear of Barack Obama. It is causing mayhem among the right wing echo chamber, causing quite a dissonance.

McBride, stumbling out of her winter's hibernation presents the sarcastic and phony posturing we all have come to know and love by saying that Obama is full of empty platitudes. McIlheran says that instead, Obama has agendas...very scary agendas. Sykes complains that Obama is too hip. Belling, ah heck, who gives a rat's patootie what Belling says?

Instead of getting myself all worked up and on the verge of banning someone, I'll just take a little help from my friends.

Paul Soglin, channeling Whallah!, starts out with the line:
I have to read Mark Belling every week to see if there is fodder for a post. Thank you, Mark.

and goes on to explain how Belling makes a good example of the self-destruction of the neocons as their demented version of utopia continues to crumble.

James Rowen also breaks down the Belling break down.

I'll let Kay show how unhip McCain is in his version of the video.

Ken Mobile of Mobile's Takes takes on McIlheran's fears of Republicans for Obama.

And for the coup de grace, who better than that manly man, Brawler, to point out to McBride and all the other echo chamber rats that their hero, George W., offered them nothing but empty platitudes, and reminding them that they were OK with it then. So why are they complaining of it now?

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