Friday, February 29, 2008


The Miami Herald announced an award won by one of its own and one of America's finest columnists.
The American Society of Newspaper Editors has awarded Miami Herald columnist
Leonard Pitts Jr. the top prize for commentary/column writing, it was announced
Sunday. Pitts won the award for a selection of columns including those on the
death of NFL star Sean Taylor, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Jena

This marks the second time Pitts was named top columnist in the nation by ASNE.

In other news, Journal-Sentinel columnist Patrick McIlheran packs his own lunch three days out of five.


  1. Unlessa you have concrete proof that Pat is capable of packing a lunch I demand a retraction

  2. Mr. Panzee,

    We here at Whallah! always are ready to back up our statements with solid proof.

    Here is a photograph of the last lunch he packed for himself.

  3. Are you certain his wife did not put it in the bag? But worth a laugh in any event.

  4. Boy, oh, boy, Mr. Panzee, you sure are the skeptic, aren't you. Well, sir, this was observed to be taped to the wall by the counter.

  5. Look this guy does not need to pack a lunch. He eats enough crow to last all day! The problem for him is that he thinks he's eating a 6 course meal.

  6. Alright Capper your point is well taken, now all you have to do is convince me he is capable of reading.

  7. Oh, Mr. Panzee, now you're lobbing soft pitches my way. This is too easy. Of course, PaddyMac can read, otherwise, how could he steal my stuff?