Sunday, February 10, 2008

McIlheran makes a funny!

Or was he serious when he wrote this:

Not the Tommy G. Thompson who momentarily ran for president. I mean the longest-serving governor in state history, the man who gave us welfare reform
and school choice, who remains the one guy who could probably unseat either of our entrenched Democratic senators.

Paddy says: "I'll be here all week!"


  1. I can't resist. I guess he also means the guy that endorsed the opponent of Mrs. McBride's husband in the last race for AG.

    Having said that, he also is referrring to the guy that had his finer in the air and was reading the polls when he decided not to challenge Herb Kohl in my opinion the more vulnerable of our two Democratic Senators.

    I don't think he'd even contemplate running against Finegold. Besides he has millions of reasons per year now to use as an excuse not to run.

  2. He meant to saya he'll "be here all weAk"! You know as usual...

  3. It would be intersting to see what Sen. George would have to say about a Tommy Thompson senate run. Remember those disappeared documents? Apparently, Mr. Biskupic can't.