Thursday, February 14, 2008

That's So Much Better

A couple of days ago, Whallah! pointed out the work of John Michlig, author of the blogsite, Sprawled Out, who highlighted the deception that the right wing print media was trying to pull.

Well, it appears that Mr. Michlig got someone's attention. He shows us that this week, the FranklinNow has changed they way that they present who Kevin Fischer is. But instead of being forthcoming, they just made it even more ambiguous.

And while we are talking about Fischer, Cindy Kilkenny, author of the site, Fairly Conservative, has come to some interesting conclusions about Fischer's work ethic, or lack thereof.


  1. We need some volunteers to follow thisup.

    1) Is Belling going to keep someone doing his show that is stealing government time?

    2) Is someone willing to check the same things for McBride?

    3) Where are the prosecutors? Is this any less seriour than the caucus scandals?

    Lets leave the partisanship out of it and simply pursue what is right? How many times did we hear Fischer attack those he thought were unethical government employees. Teachers come to mind at all?

    Was there something not too long ago someone was comlaining about at Arrowhead? About a teacher doing extern work or something on government time?

    Oh yeah, maybe it was McBride!

    "I hope other media outlets aggressively follow up on this Mark Belling scoop. A teacher at Hartland Arrowhead High School was chosen to do a federally funded "externship" - where teachers work at outside businesses - at the Waukesha County Democratic party. (after Belling found out about this, the district said the teacher's work won't be paid)"

    Wonder if that's why sh'e sbeen so quiet.

    Hey Jessica, writ one of your infamous posts on this government abuse will you?????

  2. I note on Cindy Kilkenny's site vis Fischer's timesheets that he logs TEN hour days. Hmmmm - Is Senator Lazich so proliferate with taxpayer funds that she pays for DRIVE TIME from Franklin to Madison for her aide?

    And does every hour over 40 in a week get the overtime rate?

    What a deal.