Friday, February 15, 2008

A Cure For Obamaphobia Already?

In psychology, there is a method of treatment called desensitization that is used to help people get over phobias, anxiety disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is basically the repeated and increasing exposure to the object of said phobia until the patient is able to cope with the stressor.

My colleague in rambling and ranting, Bert, has a similar suggestion to help Sykes get past his Obamaphobia:
It is laughable to hear Charlie Sykes dutifully talk this Obama point this week on his radio show. As a matter of fact, today Charlie again said Obama is “content free.”

It’s na├»ve for me to ask this, but why doesn’t Charlie have Obama on his radio station, as he has had Republicans like Huckabee this week, and ask Obama to give some content? If Charlie thinks it is a problem that people don’t know enough about Obama, Charlie and his transmitter possess a solution.

Like I said, naive question. Of course the right wing’s real problem is not what they say it is. Their honest-to-goodness problem is that their project to destroy Obama is not getting traction, yet.

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