Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Berkeley preventing Charlie Sykes' kids from enlisting in the Marines?

If not, then why is Charlie, the father of two otherwise-engaged kids 0f prime fighting age, so exercised about Berkeley trying to uninvite USMC recruiters?

(Obviously Charlie's kids are under no obligation to act on the militaristic predilections of their father...who also didn't serve.)


  1. At first...I thought this was about banning the recruiters from schools, but now I see it is about banning them from the whole city. I don't have a problem with keeping recruiters out of the high schools, but to keep them out of a whole city is extreme. I wasn't aware a city council could make laws like this one.

  2. One of the things Max Anderson said in his self-righteous speech demanding no apology was that all the "right-wingers" and radio hosts should have KNOWN Berkeley has no power to evict the Marines. They just ASKED them to leave voluntarily.

    I will be campaigning against Max Anderson's re-election in the Fall. His role in lighting this bonfire of unrest was huge, and he continues to think he is speaking "truth to power" instead of just insulting people and institutions.

    There is some untold story about how Anderson left the USMC during the Vietnam War. I think he was honorably discharged, but early, due to his anti-war activism.

    So far his personal anger has cost the City over $100,000. Next up is the $3.2 million for road repair, if not the $2.3 for earmarks.