Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Ch**k In His Reasoning

Sykes put up a post yesterday about State Senator Olsen and an apparent conflict of interest the Senator has regarding a bill dealing with ethanol. In this post, he included an email from Senator Olsen's chief of staff, Heather Smith, that included the phrase "chink in Luther's armor."

Now, being a king, such as I am, and knowing something about armor, that expression is acceptable.

However, it is not acceptable to MSJ's filtering programs. The program apparently picked it up as a derogatory term towards certain Asians, and blocked it out.

The right have worked themselves in a tizzy about "political correctness run amok" and other similar rants.

They do miss the obvious question: Why would MSJ need a filter to block out ethnic slurs? Is it the staff, or the commenters, or both?


  1. Uh, capper, TMJ doesn't have a filter. The JS does... Do you actually think through your points before you post?

  2. TMJ, MJS, JSOnline, they're all part of the same company, but I'll change it you big baby.