Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pity The Poor Extreme Conservatives

On January 23rd, I wrote this:
I do not think Sykes or Belling (or Limbaugh or any of those other national gasbags) are going to be locked out of this election. I do believe that even if the GOP nominee ends up being Huck-I'm-A-Believer or McCain, these squawkers will be doing their locksteps right along with this candidate. They will weasel out of their words and condemnations of that same person that they had been spewing all year long. This is because the talk squawkers are that two-faced and hypocritical. They follow opinions of the Republican base more than any politician could or would.

They might criticize the Republican more than usual, but they make up for this by being unusually hypercritical of the Democratic candidate, criticizing everything about that person, to the point that some people may call for actions by the parent companies due to the extreme hyperboles and prejudice that will be exhibited.

In other words, it will be business as usual for them.

Once again, I have proven my worth as the King of the Hate Left. The extremists of the local right wing media are really struggling with the fact that McCain is the apparent nominee as the Republican candidate for president. They really don't like this guy, even though he wants to continue the unjust war in Iraq, wants to clamp down on immigrants, among a number of the other short-sighted and mean-spirited goals of the right. Apparently he doesn't foam at the mouth enough for them, or something.

Sykes, in his postings, has started to come to grips, however reluctantly, with the reality that McCain is going to be their guy. This has been evident by the changing tone of his posts. And although I have been mercifully too busy to catch his show, a faithful reader of Whallah! and loyal subject sent me this missive:
Today Sykes followed your analynis how he would react to McCain exactly as you predicted. He pushed each favorite and bad mouthed the rest right down the line. Now is saying how great McCain is. Remember how Kerry flip-floped? McCain made mistakes but learned his lesson and will not do it again. His show was so predictable one could mouth it right along with him. He must look like a pretzel as often as he twisted and turned. Very funny.
Keep up the good work.

Sykes isn't the only one struggling with this development. McIlheran in his editorial column for tomorrow's paper struggles with trying to promote McCain. His herculean efforts include not only bashing the two Democratic candidates, but also by trying to lower the standards of TOMMY and the neocon's idol, Reagan.

Likewise, our favorite, McBride also struggles with this issue in her column in GMToday. Suspiciously, McBride's arguments echo those of McIlheran. (Actually, it would be McIlheran parroting McBride, since she wrote hers first). Is it simple parroting, or do they have the same source for their talking points?

Who knows? Who cares? Whatever the reason, it is sure fun to watch.

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  1. Here it is:

    An order from Herr Bush at the White House.

    Now the talk squawk crowd have a reason to flip and flop