Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't Take My Word For It

If you're conservative and looking for a reason to sit on your hands in November, Bellowing has a list just for you.
McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts, is opposed to oil drilling in Alaska, supports the Kyoto global warming treaty, sponsored the anti-free speech campaign finance "reform," sabotaged attempts to confirm President Bush’s judicial nominees, pushed for amnesty for illegal immigrants, is opposed to mild interrogation tactics like "waterboarding," wants to close Guantanamo, supports racial preferences and hasn’t been a leader on a single issue important to conservatives other than the war in Iraq.

'Nuff said?

A couple of side questions for Mark. I can understand why someone with your mindset would put "reform" in quotes but what's up with the punctuation on "waterboarding?" And if it's just a "mild interrogation tactic" would you recommend that Scott Jensen volunteers for it to avoid another trial? Or are you opposed to that?


  1. I also love how he refers to waterboarding as being "mild." Has he ever been waterboarded? I don't see how making someone feel like they're drowning is mild. What's with this guy?

  2. The best waterboarding would be to feature Marky Mark in a dunk tank.

  3. emily, I suppose if you're a supporter of torture, waterboarding could be considered mild.