Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Macho Men

Today, Wagner starts out his show scoffing at the local shopping malls that decided to close because of today's winter storm. He feels that people should be out there making money, or at least out there spending it.

James T. Harris echoes this in not one, but two, separate posts scoffing at people that decided that they were going to stay in their houses if they could.

The problem with their ignorant posturing is two-fold. One, even law enforcement officials were telling people not to go out unless they had to.

The other, even more important, argument against their idiotic pseudomachismo is that there are some things more important than the almighty dollar. Like someone's life. I wonder what Wagner and Harris would say to this poor man's family.


  1. You shouldn't let a little snow keep you inside, but a foot is not a little.

    Plus I'm currently worried about getting trapped at work.

  2. Capper, you ar emissing the point. The malls are the babysitters for the white suburbanites when the schools close. So the two working parents don't have to take time off making money to babsit. Just send the kids to the mall until mom or dad is finished working and can pick them up all fed at the food court and everything taken care of.

  3. Well those two brave men can afford to have someone else shovel them out--they were just looking for props for going to work (call that work?).

    But, they don't have as far to go as most folk. And I don't think Wagner's producer made it all the way back to Illinois without calling her brave boss a couple of choice epithets.

  4. You're right, they're wrong. Going out in this is nuts. I thought I heard someone was killed in an accident today.

    Anonymous #1 nails it.

  5. It's yet another place I part with the squawkers. They are seriously addicted to spending, even though they claim to be doing their part to shore up the economy.

    It can't last.

  6. Cap -- Just shows what a doofus Wagner is. We don't have to go to the mall to overspend -- that's why the Internet exists.

  7. Gretchen-

    Welcome, but...

    Shhhh! Don't let mrs. capper hear you!

    Glad to see you still have enough arm strength from shoveling for important things, like reading Whallah! :)

  8. It's Thursay at 12:34, 34 minutes into Wagner's show. Silly me, I thought he just might issue a mea culpa after the weather yesterday afternoon and evening.
    He of course hasn't mentioned his silly MACHO stance yesterday, but good for all... He's devoting the time to knock down Obama! Think the Republicans are afraid of running against a black man???