Saturday, February 16, 2008

No Surprises Here

McIlheran writes a post mocking Paul Soglin and others who protested outside the office of WMC. In McIlheran's post he makes the comment:

Why? Because, of all things, the group representing business will probably buy television ads expressing an opinion and trying to sway yours in the Supreme Court election.

Well, I never! Really? Businesses, who can find their world turned upside down by the whim of any four justices, would dare pay money to express an opinion to voters? The cads!

I was going to respond with a post about how McIlheran apparently feels that the desires of the poor people should not count, and how I wouldn't be surprised to see him advocated that only people that meet certain financial requirements should be allowed to vote. I was also going to mention how we saw WMC work so well before in promoting Annette Ziegler, who was elected with a cloud of scandal enveloping her, and how they have besmirched the Wisconsin Supreme Court with their actions.

But I won't be doing any of that.

Instead, I will just refer the gentle reader to our Royal Barrister, who is wise in all things legal, including the infractions of the unholy alliance of Gableman and WMC. Illusory Tenant, when not busy dealing with an annoying little know-nothing, took the time to eviscerate McIlheran's false arguments and opine further:

So this was McIlheran's project after all, to show that WMC's hoary talking point is proven to be not only just a wash, but it's been positively superseded by more recent polling data in demonstration of the fact that the 2006 election of Governor Doyle was also a popular endorsement of Justice Butler.

You really have to keep a close eye on these conservative columnists, they can be a pretty sneaky bunch. And since the impending State Supreme Court election is nominally a non-partisan affair, even the support for Butler voiced by a dependable GOP mouthpiece like Patrick McIlheran is legitimate. That alone is a refreshing change.

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