Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Trials And Tribulations

Poor McIlheran. He feels the Church can never catch a break. He complains that the Church and other religious organizations take government money they have to follow some loose guidelines established by federal law. This is so unfair.

But imagine how he would complain if there was no oversight, and they found that money was being misused or even embezzled. He would hit the roof over it. Then again, maybe not.

I also remember how many of the right wing media mavens were going off about the proposed bailout of the banks for all the subprime loans. They would argue how people knew what they were signing up for, and how they needed to take personal responsibility. Why wouldn't this apply to the Church? They knew what they were signing up for. It's a bit disingenuous to start complaining about it now.

Then McIlheran is still trying to deal with the Church having to pay for all the sex abuse cases. Unfortunately for him, the manly Brawler did some quick research into Cardinal Bernard Law, and found out that McIleran's argument doesn't hold up.

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