Friday, March 21, 2008

They Never Stood A Chance

The Illusory Tenant, who did a preliminary fisking of McBride's first warping of the facts regarding the Supreme Court race, continues on a tear, this time taking on both McIlheran and McBride, neither of which stood a chance:
As a journalist, McBride likely wouldn't appreciate the working draft of a project similarly critiqued prior to its completion. But this is unsurprising, since she has something of a history of jumping the factual gun in favor of expressing zealous ideology.

Patrick McIlheran, on the other hand, can be less easily forgiven. As a prominent columnist at Milwaukee's only daily newspaper and haranguing from the pulpit it provides, he has a far greater responsibility for circumspection and skepticism.

Yet here he is, assisting in more widely disseminating accusations of "outright lying" on the part of Justice Butler. That is remarkably irresponsible for a so-called journalist, by anyone's standards.

I'm willing to bet he didn't spend one minute checking into any of McBride's claims. There's certainly no evidence that he did in his little piece of right-wing puffery. Needless to say, it's also a very poor reflection on the Journal-Sentinel itself.

iT also adds another post showing that Gableman better get his eraser out when it comes to his list of endorsements.


  1. This might be an appropriate day for someone to explain the meaning of the word created to Jessica McBride.

    Why did she keep the McBride monniker anyway, in case Bucher tossed her for someone younger? Maybe in case he found a better journalist to promote his career?

  2. It's stupid to attack and ridicule McBride for using her own name. Plenty of women do that. Certainly women with professions tied to their names, like reporters, lawyers and so on.

    Her scholarship and writing and politica are fair game. Stick to those but get off the sexist crap that plays right into her hands.

  3. yeah! she's ridiculous enough in and of herself, after all. and it's just not polite to point and laugh at half-wits, you know.