Friday, March 14, 2008

Walker and McIlheran Are Lying Together

McIlheran gives Walker some free advertisement by printing an email that Walker sent to him. I am sure Belling, Sykes and the rest will soon follow. You see, Walker tried to claim credit for a supposed $7 million surplus in the 2007 budget. (It is beyond me how anyone can claim a surplus when they owe more than they saved.) This was quickly shot down by the County Board and by yours truly.

Now Walker and McIlheran are spinning in full dervish mode. They are trying to say that it wasn't the budget that saved the money. It was how Walker implemented it. Now, let's just ignore for the moment, the problems that we have seen at the House of Corrections, the Mental Health Complex, forensic pathologists packing it up and/or moving away, and all the other problems that have popped up in the last year.

Let's go with Walker's premise, which is that he saved all sorts of money by being so hard-nosed with the unions. So hard-nosed that he gave county employees a $250 signing bonus, on a contract that was authored by the unions and David Reimer. (For those of you unfamiliar with the facts, David Reimer was Walker's opponent in 2004, and was sent by Governor Jim Doyle to help Walker out of his mess.)

All this goes to show is that Walker, and by default, McIlheran, are just big old hypocrites.

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