Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Hand Smacks The Other. Other Hand Is Oblivious.

Our boy Paddy Mac thinks that waterboarding is okay because "it works." Who would possibly disagree with him?

Why, it's the editorial board upon which he sits. From yesterday's paper:

In a letter last year to the troops, the general said, "Our values and the
laws governing warfare teach us to respect human dignity, maintain our integrity
and do what is right. Adherence to our values distinguishes us from our enemy.
This fight depends on securing the population, which must understand that we -
not our enemies - occupy the moral high ground."

He added, "Some may argue that we would be more effective if we sanctioned torture or other expedient methods to obtain information from the enemy. They would be wrong. Beyond the basic fact that such actions are illegal, history shows that they also are frequently neither useful nor necessary."

Well put. Enough said.

How much do you want to bet that P-Mac thinks that's a dare?

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