Sunday, March 9, 2008

Redundant Repetition

McBride's now posted for the past three days.

Her post on Friday was slamming State Senator Spencer Coggs, an African American.

Her post yesterday was slamming Eugene Kane, also an African American.

Today, she touts her students, who won some prizes or something. She also congratulates them on doing some "cutting-edge journalism" on illegal immigrants.

Any bets that tomorrow will be about "Islamofacist terrorists?"

But rest assured, gentle reader. McBride has not lost her mastery of the English language. From today's gem (emphasis mine):
Some of my investigative reporting students at Frontpage Milwaukee have done a fine piece of investigative work revealing that 188 previously deported felons reoffended and ended up in the Milwaukee jail in the last few years. Some have...already reoffended. Again.
Isn't it nice to have her back again?

UPDATE: We have a second post for the day. Unfortunately, I was wrong. She went after another African American and a woman.


  1. EWven in her redundant repitition she is disagreeing with herself. it was one of her last posts before her hiatus where she said:

    Defending the Clintons.

    Oh well maybe its the drugs she's on affecting her brain

  2. Throwing around the race card Capper? Could it be that Coggs was showing bad form on intruding on someone else's press conference?

    Kane is a cartoon....

    Inserting labels and throwing them around without an ounce of proof.

    That's low for even you.

    Your mother must be so proud.

  3. Those darned reoffenders offended again another time?

    What's the lesson? That deportation doesn't work?

  4. Fred, how am I throwing the race card around? And your ignorant statement of "Inserting labels and throwing them around without an ounce of proof.

    I think it is safe to say that Coggs, Kane and Obama are all African Americans.

    Or are you denying it?

    And for my dear mother, she passed away eight and a half years ago. One of the last things she said to me was that she was proud of the man I became, and that she loved me.

    I do expect an apology for your lies, and for insulting my mother.

  5. Fred is jealous. He never had a mother. He was grown in a test tube like the rest of his carnival barker friends.

    Though, I can't help but laugh that Fred once again hits hinmself with an iron(y) in the face. To wit:

    Inserting labels and throwing them around without an ounce of proof.

    Your mother must be so proud.

  6. Dream on Capper.

    You are the one throwing the racism label on the tab.

    Writing about someoene of color does not make someone a racist.

    People like you just throw labels around and never accept responsiblity for your own bad behavior. You would rather attack the scribe than consider that they just might have a point.

    I'm sure your mother would not be proud of this side of you, attacking people without cause or evidence. I am sure your activity insults her, and I am sure I have not.

  7. Isn't it interesting that "Real Debate Freddy" has banned me from his goofy (talk to a wall-ish) blog because I dared to voiced my opinion about him, but then comes over here and starts poking at Capper using his beloved late mother?

    Fred you are one sick puppy. Yeck!

    Capper, you rock! (oh my crush getting too obvious?) ;)

  8. No Fred, it's called a pattern, and McBride has certainly shown enough to say there is a pattern to her posts.

    btw: Bringing family members into discussions is what is pretty low, Fred. I thought you were against that?

    Mirror, mirror ....

  9. As a mother I can guarantee you that capper's mother would be appalled and deeply hurt that anyone would question her pride in her son. I can also say, without reservation, this is hitting rock bottom for Fred. Completely putting aside my respect for capper, I find this one of the most offensive things you could possibly say to someone. Shame on you, Fred. To think you have sunk this low is stunning.

    Then there is the question of labels. Which is totally laughable coming from someone like Fred, who should be nicknamed Dymo(for being the most popular label maker on store shelves today). With Fred all you have to do is have an opinion, any opinion, and he labels you. He may label you as friend or foe, liberal or conservative, but labels abound from him. He even labels himself.

    On the actual topic: can there actually be any discussion that this broad just can't write? Just how many examples do people need? FYI, as a woman I am using my gender card to be able to use the word "broad"........because, honey, she's no lady anymore than she's a serious journalist. And, as a feminist I cannot bring myself to call her a woman. What she is is another media whore. And, I'll leave it at that so capper doesn't remove my comment.

  10. Way to go KAY! You being of the fairer gende can say some things others of us may only think.

    But with respect to her journalistic skill I don;t think we can can be called sexise for our comments. She is nearly illiterate.

    Read back in her posts and you'll discover the ones that are more than.....

    ..You call this news ? With a link to someone else's work.....

    ....are mostly plagiarized. And the really AMAZING fact is that Belling and Charlie complain about MPS and other public schools graduating kids that can't read or write.

    DUH wake up. This lady is one of the teachers.

    I have a document that I suspect she wrote that is nearly unintelligible. If I can confir she is the author, I will post it for your reading pleasure.

  11. By the way, I am sure that Capper's mother is indeed proud of his ethics and values.

    That will probably baffle Fred in more ways than one.

  12. Fred's shown just how low some folks on the right are willing to sink in order to score cheap points. Fred, your choice to bring capper's deceased mother into a discussion on the internet is absolutely disgusting, and you should be ashamed of yourself for acting in such a manner. You run a blog entitled, "Real Debate Wisconsin," yet you seem loathe to engage in any real, substantive, issue-oriented debate, instead choosing to engage in the kind personal attacks and "gotcha" blogging that shows just how intellectually inferior you and your arguments really are.

    For shame...

  13. Thank you everyone, except for that miscreant fred, for your kind words. It is humbling to think that I have such good friends.

  14. I've answered the same on many posts, you all go ahead and keep attacking me I don't care any more.

    I am sure Capper's mother was a lovely woman and I am also sure that she would not approve of the way he attacks people without cause.

    Labeling someone a biggot and a racist without any proof is ridiculous behavior.

    Why don't you apologize to Jessica McBride Capper?

    Oh yeah, because it is ok to make stuff up when you are a liberal attacking a conservative.

    I never intended to insult your mother Capper, I intended to insult YOU.

    You deserve it, I am sure she does not.

    I'll be waiting for your apology to Jessica McBride.

  15. The proof is the pattern of behavior. If it is good enough for a court of law, it's good enough for me.

    You're probably upset because it hits too close to home for you too.

    Now, where's my apology?