Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sykes Gets Double-Teamed

Sykes has already proven that he is an intellectual lightweight when going up against the Tenacious Tenant.

Sykes has also been shown to be lacking in cerebral fortitude when going up against the Invulnerable Brawler.

But when these two towers of truth team up, there is nothing left of Sykes, except the hair gel.

Both of these intrepid souls do a complementary trouncing on Sykes as he is caught spreading more of his silly slander and inane patter regarding Justice Louis Butler. Brawler starts it off with a move off the top rope with his title:
Sykes the performing ape continues his lying campaign for Gableman

iT finishes him off with this:
The press coverage of this race, incidentally, is utterly baffling. "Both sides are slinging mud," they tell us, as if there was some manner of mudslinging equilibrium.

Horse. Shit. While misrepresenting the law and the American constitutional scheme for the purposes of tearing down a good man's character is certainly mudslinging, pointing out — with evidence — in response that the Gableman campaign has been engaging in dishonesty and misrepresentation practically since day one hardly is.

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