Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Difference One Word Can Make

Fischer, the Belling-wannabe, kisses up to his hero in this post, describing the Bellower's tirade against the Great Lakes Compact, and writes:
Sounds like Mark actually read the Compact and knows what he’s talking

Call me crazy, but instead of looking up to someone who sounds like they read it and sounds like they know what they are talking about, I would much rather prefer to pay heed to some who HAS read the compact and DOES know what he is talking about. Someone like James Rowen.


  1. Actually I think Fischer pulled that maneuver because of my rather unfriendly entry relating to Senator Lazich's "pro-Democracy" speech on the Senate floor.

    It's titled:
    href="">"Time to go Willy Nilly"

    See, Fischer being Lazich's just wouldn't have looked right.

  2. Sorry, Green Knight,

    You are just part of an slew of people that called Lazich out on her stuff.

    I think Fischer is taking his revenge with his silly restaurant review stuff.