Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why The Heck Should Conservatives Vote For Michael Gableman

McBride is truly in prime form. She has created a new post, Election Warp Wisconsin. Apparently, the purpose of this site is to see how many things she can get wrong and how often she can contradict herself.

After writing two posts trying to blow holes in the campaign of Justice Louis Butler, she wrote a post that was supposed to be a skewering of Lisa Neubauer, but does nothing but makes herself look bad. Xoff has already shown some of her factual errors, here and here.

In the same post that Xoff has covered, she has written, in glaring, bright red letters (emphasis mine):
Why in the heck should conservatives vote for Lisa Neubauer? Answer: There's not a single reason to do so. *and that's without counting the fact that Jim Doyle engineered her last-minute appointment after raking in the campaign cash from her over the years

To use that as a rationale for whether to vote for or against any candidate, then I am sure McBride would agree that the same line of reasoning (and I use that term in connection to McBride in the most liberal of terms), would prevent a true conservative from voting for Michael Gableman, who has a cloud of suspicion a mile wide, regarding his methodology of being appointed to the bench.

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