Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Gableman Gut Check

Pity the poor squawkers. After being turned down time after time by competent judges and incompetent former DAs, they had to settle for Gableman to run against Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler.

Even with the bankrolling of WMC, it will be an uphill battle for them. Why?

Look at what they have to work with. JSOnline has a report about Gableman's latest smear tactic against Butler (emphasis mine):
For instance, Butler pointed to Gableman's statements that Butler has sided with criminals 60% of the time. Butler said he had reviewed all the cases since he joined the bench, and found he upheld criminal convictions 75% of the time.

He positioned himself as a free thinker, one who follows the law and seeks justice. Gableman did the same, but sought to draw contrasts: "I'm a longtime prosecutor, he's a longtime criminal defense attorney."

Gableman said the 60% figure came from a study by an outside group.

"I don't know if the number is 30%, 60%, 80% or 90%," he said, before adding. "I'm unaware of any study that contradicts those numbers."

The Illusory One has more.

And for the record, I am putting the Royal Patent on "The Gableman Gut Check."


  1. Judges should be limited to one -two to five year term, campaigns financed by public funds ad paid for two tears after the expiration of their term and prohibited from working for a law firm or lobbying during that time.

    Don't like the terms, don't run. Judges are supposed to be public servants with integrity above reproach. What have we got today?

    Read recent polls. Lawyers and judges are rated about as trustworthy as used car salespersons.

    Any wonder why the world is looking at us as a country becoming Romanesque and waiting for the collapse of our empire?

  2. Would you like to talk untrue smears?

    How could you leave off the lies by the Greater Wisconsin Committee?

    The new GWC television ad states, “And Gableman’s decisions are ruled incorrect and overturned by higher courts about 1/3 of the time.”

    Judge Gableman’s actual record and reversal rate is as follows:

    23,545 cases presided over.
    44 cases have been appealed.
    Of the 44 appealed cases:
    23 cases affirmed.
    13 cases dismissed.
    6 cases reversed.
    2 cases affirmed in part/reversed in part.

    Judge Gableman has been reversed 6 times in 23,544 cases (.02%). Even of the 44 appealed cases, 77% of them have been affirmed and only 13% have been reversed – not 33% as the GWC falsely claims.

    Another FYI for you Capper, Judge Lisa Neubauer running for the appellate court has donated to Governor Jim Doyle 6 times. Doyle appointed her to the court in December of '07. Seeing as all you lefties are so worried about someone else making one donation previously.

    I keep waiting for PMW to report this...

  3. I, too, am impressed with Gableman's reversal rate based on uncontested traffic tickets.

  4. For a conservative, it’s a no-win scenario. The only thing to look for is a conservative judicial philosophy - a philosophy that rejects judicial activism. Unfortunately, Neubauer lacks tenure on the court to make a judgment in this regard and Gleisner, while having never been a judge, has a history of supporting judicial activism. Conservatives might as well flip a coin.

    More than the race itself, the interesting part is the dynamics involved. Neubauer is touting her bipartisan support while Gleisner is making a hard conservative pitch.

    On the radio, former Waukesha District Attorney Paul Bucher is advocating for Gleisner and there is a list of conservatives supporting Gleisner.

    If honesty matters in the two judiciak races you mention and Neubauer Butler get the nod.

    Deception is also dishonesty, no?

    And who are the deceivers?

    Gableman counting uncontested speeding tickets (did he count parking tickets too?)

    Gleisner hiring Paul the Truthful to tell us what a conservative non-activist judge Gleisner will be. Well at least two weeka before the election he bounced Bucher.

    But you can't erase the story you already told.

  5. Oopsforgot to credit Owen RObinson for the first two paragraphs in his March 11 Freeman column

  6. I wonder why Paul Bucher and Jessica didn't choose Bill Gleisner to represent them in this case

    Washington County Case
    Number 2008CV000231

    Maybe that's why Herr Bucher got das boot

  7. Waiting for your response, Freddy poo. Traffic tickets. Har har!

    btw: Not admitting anything but, you bonehead, why would we write anything negative about groups supporting Butler? I don't see you casting aspersions at WMC.

  8. I have an idea for the FableMan campaign. Now that Gleisner chucked Bucher, you can pick him up cheap. Scratch out Bill and Gleisner and just replace them with Mike and Fableman.

    Save a ton of money and no lost production time for new ads.

    Or you could just ask WMC for another $3 mil.

  9. Just speaking to the intellectual dishonesty of people like you Tim.

    To anonymous on the Gleisner/Neubauer race. Neubauer is a liberals liberal and she is pretending to be a moderate. In short, she is being dishonest.

    I will vote for Gleisner as he is being more honest in his race.

    That being said my Gleisner endorsement will no doubt send everying screaming leftie on this sight running towards Neubauer.

    You are welcome Lisa, if you have a moment maybe you should send another check to Jim Doyle, I hear his 2010 website is up.

  10. I'm confused about the parking ticket comments Tim... Go ahead throw them out, the judge has been over-turned 6 times. 6. Not a third, 6.

    Last year the same people hosed Judge Ziegler for not excusing herself from small claims issues going through her clerks office strictly for processing counting every case they could find.

    So they counted the small cases counted then and they don't count now?

    Oh, I get it now. You count it selectively to fit your agenda witout ever applying standards equally.

    Thanks for clarifying that you and Capper here and illusory tenant and PMW and OWN and Cory and Jay and Xoff and all of you guys are all just a bunch of lying opportunists willing to spread any spin at all to attack anyone you deem conservative.

    There is your response.

    How's the baseball blog going?

  11. Real Debate said: lying

    Evidence of that would be good.

  12. Freddy poo, I'm thinking that the baseball comment is a dig. I'm not sure why? I've answered this before, but I'll be helpful once again knowing you are slower than the rest of us.

    The baseball blog is doing exactly what it was intended to do. It was meant to be a vehicle for fantasy gamers in the two leagues I am a member of to write articles about their teams, about league by-laws and Strat-o-matic baseball in general.

    In that regard, the blog has been a HUGE hit. Previously, articles would be published monthly with release of the monthly newsletter ... now, articles can be posted immediately. Members also gain fantasy dollars for writing articles. Since the leagues we play in mimic the professional leagues in salary structure, income and even free agency, the extra bucks come in handy.

    Interestingly enough, people other than members have contributed as well. I never expected to have the volume as a political blog ... it hasn't come close in that regard to my old blog. But it's been a lot of fun.

    Did you know, Fred, that members of the blog cover the spectrum of political discourse so in that regard my (our) blog comes closer to Real Debate than yours? Plus, everyone is free to write what they wish without fear that a little dictator will ban them if they say something just a little out of line.

    Speaking of intellectual dishonesty ... then why include the parking tickets in your original numbers if they're meaningless to your argument?

    Intellectual dishonesty ... please ... coming from you, an overgrown hack who can't do any better than sell insurance because he's a failure at everything else ... it's pretty hilarious.

    btw: Like iT asked, who was lying?

  13. The liar is Freddy. He lies about me and he lies about my deceased mother. The man has all the scruples of a toad.

    But let no one, I repeat, no one, accuse Fred of intellectual dishonesty. First he would need to have an intellect. All he has is greed and hate.

    And Fred, where is my apology, you miscreant? You besmirch my mother, you owe me an apology, you soulless wretch.


    Are you sure about the insurance thing? I thought he was just a blogyard bully, a thug trying to prove himself, and only proving himself to be an ass.

  14. Just checking on that evidence. I'm guessing this is going to be one of those "crickets chirping" deals.

  15. I never said a bad word about your mother Capper, I am sure she was a fine woman.

    I said that I doubted she would be proud of you for attacking people without merit, you provide yet another example here, I stand by that.

    By the way Tim, I do not sell insurance... And if I did so freaking what, it is honest work. I worked for two years as a senior advocate trying my best to keep seniors from getting ripped off by unscrupulous insurance companies. If that is a bad thing, so be it. For you it is just a means to issue a personal attack.

    I came here with real data, real info showing Capper's intellectual dishonesty. And in presenting something that questioned your liberal group think I get called every name in the book.

    If you can't take it don't bring it.

    And Tim I asked how the baseball blog was going because I was curious how the baseball blog was going...

    And by the way Capper I didn;t lie about you... You labeld that post racism inferring someone as a racist without an ounce of proof.

    You really are the king of the hate left, and Tim here is your village idiot.

  16. Speaking of intellectual dishonesty ... then why include the parking tickets in your original numbers if they're meaningless to your argument?

    I believe I already spoke to that Tim, It included the entirety of the Judge's work, and he still has only had 6 cases overt-turned. The lie being played on TVs all over the state by your liberal pals say it was a third of the cases.

    I'm curious why you will not speak to that.

  17. The intellectual dishonesty comes from trying to pad the numbers with meaningless data. I have not really been following the back-and-forth arguments so I really don't have an answer for you regarding ads against Gabelman (that's honest). All I can respond to is what you provided. If indeed only six have been overturned, then why not just say that?

    btw: Who's lying? Prove it.

    And ... village idiot? You really need to come up with something more original. Not even a good try, Freddy poo. (lol)

  18. Fred, you really need to stop bringing capper's mom into your comments. I am sure you wouldn't want any of us to use someone you love just to get under your skin.

  19. Yes fair play, saying that I am sure she was a wonderful person is a bad thing to do..

    By the way, you might want to tell you pal Capper here it is not nice to call people racist biggots.

    Mind your own business.

  20. You must have already forgotten the other half of your comment about capper's late mother, Fred.

    Just because you disagree with capper's opinion doesn't give you the right to use his late mother in your attack on him, especially since he has asked you very politely to stop.

    What is wrong with you?

    I am minding my own business, Fred. Who are you to say that I am not? If capper has a problem with me commenting on Whallah! I am sure he will let me know, not you.

  21. Fred, you horse's ass, are you so besotted with your own false sense of importance that you forgot this isn't your site.

    I allow everyone to talk, unless they go over the line. Trying to bully people is over the line. Using someone's mother as a weapon is over the line. If you have a point make it, and move on. If you can't be respectful to yourself, be respectful to others anyway.

    And if you don't like it, you can kiss by Royal ass!

  22. Fred,

    Because this is Wallah, Capper's site and the home of the "hate left", I will not use the words to describe the inhumanity you exhibited towards Capper's mother and the ignorance you displyed with these remarks.

    "You really are the king of the hate left, and Tim here is your village idiot."

    I assume you used a spell checker because you manifested your ignorance without any spelling errors.

    If I knew where the seniors you supposedly advocate for reside, I would give them a truckload of rotten tomatoes and tell them what you said about Capper's mother.

    Have a lovely weekend, clueless.