Tuesday, March 25, 2008

4000 Too Many

The atrocity that is the Iraq War has now claimed the lives 4,000 of America's finest men and women.

The right side of the cheddarsphere is silent.

Pundit Nation shows us that Bush is taking it all very seriously and is consulting with his top advisers.

Dan Cody shows that Cheney doesn't give a damn.

Xoff tells us what we can do to express our outrage at this outrage:
Across the country, antiwar activists will mark that grim milestone with vigils, marches, and other actions.

In Milwaukee, Peace Action Wisconsin and Veterans for Peace will hold a vigil and procession of caskets from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 25, at the VA Hospital, at the intersection of National Ave. & Hwy 41 (Stadium Freeway.)

When similar events marked the 3,000th American death, on New Year's Eve of 2006, the right wing accused us of "celebrating" the death toll.

It is anything but a celebration, of course. We will mark the 4,000th death because it is an opportunity to remind the American people of the price we are paying for an unjustified war that has entered its sixth year. Unfortunately, although they continue to say overwhelmingly that the war was a mistake and should be ended, Americans have become numbed to the casualties, which have long ago slipped from the front page.

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