Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Belling: Moronic Liar or Lying Moron-You Decide

This afternoon, I was stuck in the car coming back from faraway places. I had the poor foresight to turn on WISN to see what Belling was Bellowing about today. In seconds, I got to hear him squawk about the race for Milwaukee County Executive. Anyone who reads my work over at folkbum's would know that this is something I know a thing or two about.

As I listened to Belling's belligerent banter, it struck me that I had not heard any thing so microencephalitic or misleading since the last Walker commercial.

He was doing the usual doom and gloom routine about how Senator Taylor would raise our taxes so high, that the county would become an abandoned ghost town within hours of her election. This is, of course, blatantly false.

He then followed this up with squawking about how terrible it is that the county board overrode Walker's veto, and decided to put bike racks on buses. He lamented about how much this would raise our taxes. Too bad for Belling the amount is zero. Eighty percent of the cost will be picked up by the feds. The rest will be raised with private and corporate sponsors, coordinated by some bike advocates. He also failed to mention how federal studies have shown that it actually would increase ridership, making the system more self-sufficient.

Belling also trotted out Walker's shtick about his plans for the parks, and eliminating the experienced workers for some kids. This plan is so ludicrous, that I will merely point out that even the Park People are against it.

Then he got to the part that almost made me loose control of my vehicle. He said that in the six years that Walker has been the county executive, he never cut a single service. I am truly surprised that Belling wasn't struck by lightning for telling a lie that big.

Belling must have simply forgotten about not only the parks, but the transit system, the courts, mental health services and the House of Correction.

All I can say is that if Sykes, Belling, McIlheran, Fischer and McBride all favor Walker, what other reason does one need to vote for Senator Lena Taylor?


  1. Perfect timing, heres one for your list. Walker's been in charge for 6years, the man with all the control well explain this article in the JS Online.

    County reveals raft of new pension gaffes

    Let's see how they pin this on Wlaker's predecessor or successor, hopefully determined next week.

    And a final observation, why shouldn't Walker use actors. Fit's right in his been trying to play the role of County Exec for six year while he covets the State Exec position he got blown out of last try.

  2. Well you're luckier than I am. You only had to listen to Belling. I had to see him and navigate my way through a shopping trip while he did the same.
    Mark likes to stock up on his bachelor food. Multiple boxes of Hamburger Helper and Stovetop Stuffing. Mark likes pink salmon and pink Special K's too! Plus, canned goods don't spoil.
    After navigating the aisles of the Metro Mart, I was ready for a drink. Off to Victor's -- but Mark beat this pedestrian, arriving in his tidy white vehicle loaded with victuals. Dang! I like the owner -- Jimmy Jones is an awfully nice guy -- but there is a customer there who just gives me the willies! So when I made it home to my inconspicuous yet comfortable dwelling, I poured an extra glass of sherry into the seafood bisque over which I had labored for hours. It steadied my nerves and filled my tummy. I'm having lobster tonight. Is there a stovetop stuffing that goes with Homard a l'Americaine?

    Michael Horne