Friday, March 14, 2008

Lena Taylor's First TV Ad

Well, you had to know I was going to post this:

Please note the articles being cited. Walker has none, just his own delusional paranoia. Also note, outside of Belling and McIlheran and Badger Blogger, I don't know of anyone local endorsing Walker. I'm sure there are some, but why doesn't he note them?

Some points of interest, that I wasn't aware of, was that Senator Taylor is being endorsed by Governor Jim Doyle (I did know that), U.S. Senators Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl, U.S. Representative Gwen Moore, and Mayor Tom Barrett. She is also endorsed by the Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff's Association.

The company that put together Senator Taylor's ad was the same group that did the Fair Wisconsin ads. The company that did Walker's ads was the same company that did Steve Forbes ads, and they're based in Chicago. (Local companies must not be good enough for Walker. Way to support your county, Scott!)

SIDENOTE: Is it me, or is Walker wearing the same tie in each commercial? (No point to make; just an observation.)

Expect to hear her ads on the radio in the near future. She will have to pay for hers, as that I doubt Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling will give her the free time they give Walker.

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  1. Capper...not only do you have your head up your are a liar.

    Walkers commercials were produced and the media buys done by a local company.

    TAYLOR's commericals on the otherhand were produced and the media buys done by a company in Chicago. Adelstein-Liston.

    (Local companies must not be good enough for Taylor. Way to support your county, Lena!)

    Nice try...might want to check with the Lena campaign before you start telling more of your lies.