Friday, March 14, 2008

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

From Dan Cody, author of Left on the Lake:

Quick thought of the day. If you have a weekly television show on local network affiliate, a 2+ hour daily radio talk show on the biggest AM station in the region, and write an occasional editorial column in the daily newspaper, you are the “mainstream media”.

Not some Robin Hoodish character on the outside looking in who’s rebelling against it.


  1. Hey Jessica,

    Since Paul doen't do open records semianrs anymore nad you work for the University system maybe you could help.

    Do you know what records from the U system are available regarding continuing education requirements for state licensees?

  2. Yep, doncha think we otta' throw out Experienced Judge Butler and replace him with a bench warming buddy of Paul Bucher?

    I know my vote will not be for Mr. Gleisner who now can't seem to figure out if he is the conservative "we all want", a liberal or just a banch warming buddy of good ole Paul

    THURSDAY, May 25, 2006, 3:22 p.m.


    Attorney Lee Jones and state Rep. David Cullen are doing double duty - running for office (Jones for Milwaukee district attorney, Cullen for re-election) while also applying to be a Milwaukee County judge, as we reported today.

    Here's the entire list of candidates seeking the post that had been held by Judge Michael Sullivan:

    1. Joan Aguado (Milwaukee Public Schools)
    2. Jim Brennan (Legal Aid Society)
    3. David Cullen (state representative)
    4. Myron Daubert (Myron C Daubert Law Office)
    5. Bill Gleisner (Law Offices of William C Gleisner III)
    6. Jim Hiller (Law Offices of James A Hiller)
    7. Paul Hinkfuss (MLG Commercial)
    8. Craig Johnson (State Public Defenders Office)
    9. Lee Jones (Laster Jones & Garcia)
    10. Susan Karaskiewicz (former Kenosha Co. deputy DA)
    11. Jean Kies (Law Office of Jean M Kies)
    12. Lori Kornblum (ADA, Milwaukee Co.)
    13. Jeff Krill (Gonzalez, Saggio & Harlan)
    14. Chris Liegel (ADA, Milwaukee Co.)
    15. Leonard Martin (State Department of Workforce Development)
    16. Dennis McBride (EEOC)
    17. William Pocan (Jastroch & LaBarge)
    18. Sheryl St-Ores (Law Offices of Sheryl St Ores)
    19. Jo Swamp (Potowatomi tribe)
    20. Scott Wales (Safer and Stein)

  3. Bill Gleisner must have learned to set up his blog from Jesscia. Just checked it out. Not one post.

    Maybe he should get advise from someone else. Maybe Real Debate eh?

    That would put the final nail in the coffin. (of his campaign, of course)