Friday, April 4, 2008

A New Favorite

There's a new blogger around and she's quickly becoming a favorite. Yesterday she asked:
What's so terrifying about homosexuality?

Is it something in certain peoples' deep, primal psyches that takes issue with their inherent inability to procreate together? Bigotry and fear instilled by a religious system that decided to stigmatize homosexuality because its original oppressors (see: Romans) practiced it so freely? Ignorance? All of the above?

It can't be because it's "unnatural." Homosexuality exists in several species of animal--bonobos, dolphins, various birds, elephants, even lizards and fruit flies--and has been a recorded part of human history since we started keeping track.

It can't be because it's "harmful." Harmful to whom? I can't find a shred of unbiased research that shows any significantly higher risk of medical problems for homosexuals. Contrary to common stereotypes, gays and lesbians are no more or less promiscuous, prone to mental illness or likely to molest children than people who identify as straight. If anything, the only extra harm involved in being gay is that which comes from discrimination and hatred by other people.

So why is it, then, that homophobia is still so rampant?

There's a whole lot more. Go see for yourself.


  1. Thanks, Grumps.

    So far I'm mostly encouraged by the small dialog taking place in the comments section.

  2. Homophobes have a lot of fear to keep locked down.

    Fear that what they attack in others is actually lurking in their jeans. Er, genes.