Friday, April 4, 2008

Threatened By A Decal

The right wing media sure gets spooked easy. Even bumper stickers and decals seem to get them all riled up.

McIlheran links to some other right winger who thinks that the Darwin fish is hypocritical and cowardly. They encourage them to join their ranks in ridiculing Islam and those that follow that faith. And to think they call us intolerant.

Now, since I'm not an atheist, I won't get into the whole creationism vs. evolution debate here. I will leave that to other bloggers.

But I must point out how ludicrous McIlheran's expectations are.

This is America, and as the right is fond of pointing out, supposedly founded on Christian principles. The national anthem was changed to include "under God", not "under Allah." Likewise, our currency is embossed with "In God We Trust", not "In Buddha We Trust".

The nation shuts down to celebrate Christmas and Easter, but no one gets off just because it's Channakah or Ramadan. And just imagine the looks you get if you wished someone a Blessed Seder or a Blessed Eid.

If someone feels oppressed by the majority, they will rebel against that majority. Of course, that sort of logic would escape many on the right, who only want us to conform to their ideals.

Lastly, I think it also says a lot about one's strength of faith, or lack thereof, to feel threatened by a decal.


  1. I have the Science Rocket Fish decal on my van right above my flying spaghetti monster decal

    One of the biggest surprises I found when I started blogging 3 years ago was the number of conservative atheists there were in the blogosphere.

    That is neither here nor there but I thought you would find it funny capper

  2. Maybe the righties are scared of the possibility of creepy fish with legs crawling out of the ocean a la Godzilla to devour whole the populace of coastal cities? Other than that, I'm just as dumbfounded as you. Leaving my beliefs (or unbeliefs) out of it, the idea that Christians are somehow an oppressed majority is simply laughable.

    P.S.: Thanks for linking to me.

  3. Sam, I owe you an apology for not putting the link up sooner. Especially as you were kind enough to have a link to Whallah! already.