Saturday, April 5, 2008

Who Can It Be Now?

This reminds me of someone....Now what was her name? It was someone that had a lot of growing up to do...


  1. I was JUST KIDDING about voting for Obama a few times....

    Really...I winked at you and then started was funny!

  2. Ah, FP, you know it wasn't the Fair Lady of Fair Play that I am referring to. Here's a hint, read the comments in the post below this one.

  3. Thank God...I was's that guilt coming to the surface again... ;)

    I read that comment earlier today and typed out a long comment to anon but ended up deleting it because I figured it wouldn't help.

    Do you know who she is? You must if you know anon is a "she"...

  4. So, Jesus says, "Let whosever among is without sin cast the first stone."

    There's a short calm and a rock goes whizzing past his ear and catches the poor woman right upside the head. Jesus snaps around and says, "Mom! I'm trying to make a point here."

    Just to mix my parables here a little... It was the proud Pharisee who ragged against the penitent tax collector, too. What do these deluded self-righteous twits have against taxes?

  5. Eugen Kane has a good column. It says in part.

    For most folks, having a good lawyer means having someone who goes the extra mile to make sure the law works in your favor. In contemporary partisan politics, good lawyers like Butler get accused of using "loopholes" to let dangerous criminals go free.

    If you fell for that dumbing down of the situation, it's your own fault.